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Kraków for Equality

Towards a Human Rights City


A sensitive city, one that reacts to injustice, a home for all and open to all - this is the Kraków we aspire to build. We want our city to become a safe heaven, a space free from violence and exclusion. We oppose discrimination and believe every resident has an equal right to co-create the urban reality, every voice counts and diversity is our strength and wealth. Symbolically, Kraków’s coat of arms features an open gate. Equality, freedom, solidarity, respect and openness are values written deep in  our city’s DNA. They make it possible for us all, without exceptions, to feel happy, free and safe here. Kraków is a city of refuge and a city that creates equal opportunities for all.

We are keen to be named a Human Rights City; the ambition guides us in the process of shaping all city policies, programmes and strategies. Incorporating the human rights perspective into the development of local governance must be based on an in-depth needs analysis involving a broad spectrum of diverse social groups. Consequently, this declaration is supported by a deep diagnosis regarding observance of human rights, which allows us to respond effectively to the needs of all.

'Human Rights Cities in the EU: A Framework for Reinforcing Rights Locally' – a report presented in 2021 by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights –  identifies three main conditions for determining the status of a human rights city. First, a city must officially commit to respecting human rights. The second step involves development of tools and procedures instrumental in implementing the commitment. Finally, specific methods ensuring application of human rights at the local level must be elaborated.

With this declaration, we are taking the first step. In aspiring to be granted the status of a Human Rights City, Kraków commits to creating and implementing an equality perspective in all its strategic management activities and undertakes to adopt the "Kraków for Equality " programme ensuring an extensive response to challenges in the field of human rights. We consider Human Rights City to be an action framework assisting us in creating adaptive, flexible and interdisciplinary solutions which, based on dialogue, build a strong and supportive urban community. We fully acknowledge that the process we are embarking on is a long-term challenge whose success depends on the participation and commitment of residents, NGOs, universities and cultural institutions.

Kraków is aware of its role in upholding, promoting and protecting human rights and considers the implementation of the above commitment as a priority and a path to a better future for us all.


Jacek Majchrowski

Mayor of Kraków


Podpis Prezydenta Miasta Krakowa Jacka Majchrowskiego





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Osoba publikująca: Nina Gabryś
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Data publikacji: 2023-04-14
Data aktualizacji: 2023-04-18